An integrated set of management

and security tools for CICS

CICS-View - Description

CICS-View is an easy-to-use session monitoring tool that presents summary data about active CICS users. Designed for System Administrators and Help Desk staff, CICS-View presents data in user activity tables. Built-in features let you select data using generic searches, cancel user sessions, view user terminal screens, or send non-destructive broadcast messages to one or more users.

CICS-View - Use Case

The Session Status Monitor for CICS

"... a session status monitoring tool that presents summary data about active CICS users."

A state government processing center on the west coast hosts CICS regions to provide transaction processing for a number of state agencies. They operate an active help desk staffed by several levels of support technicians.

The challenge:

To provide the real-time information needed to answer user questions and resolve problems with CICS applications.

The solution:

CICS-View enhances your ability to support CICS users by providing easy access to vital data on CICS terminal sessions. Presenting real-time data in easy to read tables, CICS-View enables your staff to quickly analyze session status. Authorized support staff can use table commands to cancel a session, send a non-destructive message, even view a user's screen. CICS-View also provides generic searches of table data and provides current and peak terminal session counts.

The Broadcast Message Feature of CICS-View provides a way to broadcast nondestructive messages to all active users, or a filtered subset of active users. Message recipients can be filtered using the ERI-View Search Options Feature, or by using a pre-defined list. Messages are queued until the next CICS task at the receiving terminals is complete. Then, the session environment at the receiving terminal is saved and all queued broadcast and non-broadcast messages are displayed. From this panel, you can view queued broadcast and non-broadcast messages, reply to non-broadcast messages, or resume your CICS session.

Bottom line:

Improved CICS support with enhanced session monitoring tools.

Features and Benefits:

  • Consolidates terminal session information in central location
  • Presents real-time data in easy to read tables
  • Supports line commands to view user screens, cancel sessions, and reset statistics
  • Provides generic searches of table data
  • Displays current and peak user counts
  • Includes a user friendly message facility