A z/OS central logging

solution for

application event logging

An integrated set of

management and

security tools for CICS


ERi/LOGR provides a central logging solution that is not possible using resources such as DB2, VSAM or file based. Basically, a single Log Stream (LS) can record log records from any address space across an entire IBM sysplex.

The following bullets highlight just a few of the many possible uses of ERi/LOGR:

  • Audit Trail Logging, SOX relevant
  • Application Event Logging & Monitoring
  • Business Transaction Logging & Monitoring
  • Business Process Logging & Monitoring
  • J2EE End-to-end Transaction Logging
  • Subroutine Performance Logging (CICS & Batch)

If you would like additional information, please contact ERI.


ERi/CICS is an integrated set of system enhancements designed for the manager of CICS systems. The CICS management tools in ERi/CICS deliver solutions to the increasing demands for security and productivity in large interactive systems.