Event Browser - CICS

The primary ERi/LOGR browser is a web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI). For administration verification, as well as a back-up browser, a CICS based tool is provided. This tool includes basic browser functionality and is independent from the component layers associated with the web-based GUI.

The CICS-based browser is integrated into the ERi/LOGR administration application which includes additional functions for defining client environments, event profiles, and logging test event records.

Event Browser - Web Based

The ERi/LOGR Log Browser GUI is a Web based tool developed using Java. The front-end Browser can be installed in a variety of ways based on best fit for the client’s installation.

Optionally, custom Application Monitors can be created using a simple configuration tool built on application data logged via ERi/LOGR. See additional information on this topic in section Custom Application Monitors.

Event Monitors - Web Based

ERi’s eight years of experience in development and support of large central logging solutions has identified a very useful way of leveraging the data logged by various applications. As a result ERi has implemented several custom features into the product so that all clients may benefit.

Sample Illustration - Business Process Monitor