To offer z/OS centric clients a sysplex-compliant high performance central logging solution capable of scaling to very high volumes while separating the technical logging layer from the business application and middleware layer.

To offer application owners a unique monitoring solution that is tailored to the specific behavior of their application by leveraging their log data.


Exploit the robustness and scalability of IBM's z/ OS System Logger while insulating the client from acquiring and maintaining the technical know-how associated with developing and maintaining numerous IBM macros associated with the System Logger.

IBM RedBook Publication

ERi/LOGR is built upon z/OS System Logger technology by using standard IXG macros. The following RedBook provides an in-depth overview of these macros and related topics. This link is provided for convenience and is an excellent reference source.

System Programmer's Guide to: z/OS System Logger

"System Logger is an MVS component that provides a logging facility for applications running in a single-system or multi-system sysplex. The advantage of using System Logger is that the responsibility for tasks such as saving the log data (with the requested persistence), retrieving the data (potentially from any system in the sysplex), archiving the data, and expiring the data is removed from the creator of the log records. In addition, Logger provides the ability to have a single, merged, log, containing log data from multiple instances of an application within the sysplex." IBM

Added Value

ERi/Event Logger (ERi/LOGR) provides a central logging solution that is not possible using resources such as DB2, VSAM or file based. Basically, a single Log Stream (LS) can record log records from any address space across an entire IBM sysplex.

The records are logged and synchronized by date and time. This implies that an application executing in multiple address spaces such as many CICS regions, or multiple batch jobs, can have a single log image. ERi/LOGR provides the infrastructure, tools and APIs to log event records at high performance. Browsing log data is made simple by the ERi/LOGR GUI, without latency, and includes a robust search engine for both standard ERi/LOGR and client specific data.

Added Value 1: Insulation from IBM IXGLOGR macros. ERi/LOGR handles the technology to write, browse, or delete from a log stream using standard z/OS System Logger interfaces.

Added Value 2: Monitoring application behavior is possible with ERi/LOGR by leveraging logged application event data. Using an ERi/LOGR interactive GUI tool for designing monitors requires no programming effort. Open up powerful new ways of monitoring application behavior simple and fast. Note: please do not confuse this feature with standard system monitoring tools such as Omegamon or MainView.

Added Value 3: Simple environmental configuration. ERi/LOGR provides an easy-to-use environmental setup tool for identifying and managing different environments such as production, development and test.

Added Value 4: No DB2 roll-back of ERi/LOGR log data related to an ABEND, or when forced by the application itself. This is important for retrieving application error messages.

Added Value 5: Simplification of SOX compliance. SOX logging requirements can be implemented simply and quickly with ERi/LOGR. The greatest challenge to producing audit reports is having the data!